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Franchise your success!

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Helping you franchise your business and make $$$!

Your business is doing well. Great! Now is the time to consider growing your business through franchising.  There is a lot to know about franchising a business, and the attorneys at FRANLAW are here to help you with that.  With decades of experience and a successful track record, there is no firm better equipped to help you and your business!

  • Starting a franchise system

  • Franchise disclosure document preparation

  • Required state franchise registrations

  • Franchise compliance systems

  • Franchise contract negotiations

  • Preparation of franchise contracts to complete the franchise sale

Services you need to franchise coast-to-coast

Are you ready to take the next step in your business by starting a franchise?  First, check out the article by your franchise attorney, Michael R. Liss: Businesses Should Consider Expansion Through Franchising.  Next, call 888-FRANLAW (888-372-6529) to schedule a consultation!

Working with you from start to finish

With over 30 years of experience in franchise law, the attorneys at FRANLAW of Oak Brook, IL are your best asset!

Call to learn more about franchising your business and how FRANLAW can help!



  • Processing the franchise transfer when a franchise wants to sell

  • Selling company stores

  • Trademarks

  • Franchise default notices and terminations

  • Franchise disputes, arbitrations, and litigation

  • Complete franchise legal counsel

Franchise your success!

Franchise your success!